Marie Curie

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Marie Curie

Marie Curie

By: Ethan Schieck and Eric Sobczak

Marie Curie was born on November 7,1867 in Warsaw, Poland. She was the youngest of 5 children. She lost her mother and sister at a young age. Her sister had a sever fever and her mother died of tuberculosis. She grow up poor and partially uneducated.

Early Life

Polish students had a difficult education, as did also Marie Curie. She attended the "floating university". It was a set of underground tunnels which held secret school lessons.


Marie Curie was very inspiring. She was the first person to win two noble prizes. She also discoverd two new elements.


You can apply Marie Curie's inspiration to yourself. If your are planning to be a scientist you can aim to discover new elements aswell. You can also try to win two noble prizes.

Applying Her Inspiration

Marrie Currie struggled in many ways. She lost her mother at young age and she was very poor. She was also the youngest of five children.

Mary had three diffrent jobs. They where tuor,governess, and chemist. She did chemistry with her husband.



Struggles and Interesting info


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