Marie Curie

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Marie Curie

Marie Curie

.*Discovered Polonium (named after her home town) and Radium



After her husband died, Curie was awared with an abundance of radium and the opportunity to travel to the United States to further her research.

*Attended Sorbonne University at the age of 24*1893 earned her masters degree in physics*Got the Polish Alexandrovich scholarship*Continued to go to school and got her masters degree in mathmatics

Fun Facts




Born: November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, PolandDied: July 4, 1934 of Leukemia

FACTS*Curie was ranked along with Albert Einstein in influence in the science field* She worked with her husband throught the research process

*Discovered Polonium (named after her home town) and Radium *The discovery of Radium launched the Atomic Age

*First woman to win a Nobel Prize in Physics*Won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry(1911)*First person ever to win two Nobel Prizes

Pierre Curie

Discovered the medical use for x-rays during WWI (later named "Little Curies")

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