Marie Curie

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Scientific Biographies

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Marie Curie

I believe that science has great beauty. A scientist in his laboratory is not a mere technician; he is also a child confronting natural phenomena that impress him as though they were fairy tales.- Marie Curie

The Curies recieved another honor in 1944 with the discovery of the 96th element on the periodic table which was named curium.

Marie Curie Discovery of Radiation

Marie Curie was born in 1867 and died on July 4, 1934. She was the creator of the Theory of Radiation.She was the founder of two new elements polonium and radium. She also was the one who isolated radiation. Marie Curie is the only person to obtain a Nobel Prize for two sciences.

Marie Curie at Solvay Conference on Electrons and Protons in 1927. This was an invitation-only meeting of the world's greatest minds in chemistry and physics. ALL but two that attended are Nobel Prize winners.

The Curies

Mrs. Faivre

The Curie Family


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