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Marie Curie

Early LifeMaria Salomee Sklodowska was born November 7,1867 in warsaw, Poland on Freta Street. She lived with both of her parents who were teachers, her three sisters Sofia,Bronia,Helena,and one brother ,Jozef. Poland was under Russian rule at the time ,so Russians got better jobs and education while Polish people were mostly poor. She lived better then most families, but her mom got tuberculosis, then her sister Sofia got typhus, died ,and two years after her mother died. EducationHer parents both gave her a good education being teachers and when she finished school in Poland she won a gold medal from her school Russia Lycee. After she started learning about scientific work , banned by Russians at the time, in the "Floating Uiversity."Soon she began going to Paris for school at Sorbonne University and learned from famou teachers of the time including Gabriel Lippman an Paul Appel. She then got a physics and math degreeAdult LifeShe met Piere Curie when she was 27 years old. they got married on July 26, 1895 in Sceaux. they had two daughters Irene and Eve Curie.

Time Line

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________1800 1900


To learn about physics she had to go to Paris because Waraw University did not accept women at the time .After discovering radium she got very sick because she spent many hours with it and radium was poisonus.

Personal Life

Marie Curie

Born as Maria Salomee Sklodowska on November 7,1867

Won a gold medal when she finished school at Russian Lycee in 1883

Won Nobel Prize in 1903 for discovering radium

Had Irene Curie in 1897

Had Eve Curie in 1904

Married Pierre Curie and changes name to Marie Curie in 1895

Died in 1934from luekemia due to too much exsposure of radiation

Discovered radium in 1902


InventionMarie Curie discovered radium in 1902Steps to inventionWhen Henri Becquerel discovered uranium gave off rays that made light she began to wonder if other elements did the same thing.She began to purify uranium more and more until she found a metal and named it polonium. She called elements like uranium and polonium radioactive and began searching for proof that radium exsisted. She sent radioactive substances to labs in difrent places getting more scientists involved. Finally she found a pure form of radium the size of a spec which is one gram.Purpose of inventionThere was no exact purpose for radium, but institutes did research to find the uses of radium especially the medical usesImpact of inventionDuring World War I radium helped make the X-ray machine, saving many lives. Since the dangers of radium were not well known at the time many people got ill and/or died.Now we know more about radium and the uses it has.It has helped make medicine for cancer and new ways to make energy.



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