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Marie Curie-Anna

"One never notices what has been done, one can only see what remains to be done."

I am not a man, nor am I wealthy, but I am a person that has the ability to see true beauty in science. I am Marie Curie. As I spend countless long hours in the laboratory and conduct numerous experiments, I try to unravel science’s many mysteries.

Maria Salomea Sklodowska was born on November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland to Wladislaw and Bronislava Sklodowska. Her parents were both teachers, and she was the youngest of five children. Unfortunately, Maria’s mother died of tuberculosis, and her older sister died of typhus when Maria was just an adolescent. The hard times for Maria didn’t stop there though, her family was often poor and had to work very hard to make ends meet. Even when Maria was just a child, she had very high hopes and dreams for an advanced degree in education.



Maria was already very bright and gifted in her studies at a young age. She attended J. Sikorska Boarding School when she was 10, and was always the top student in her classes. Maria finished high school at age 15, with highest honours. After a while, Maria enrolled at The University of Warsaw, but found out that the university rejected her because she was a woman. She then tried to apply for the University of Paris, that does accept women, but Maria discovered that she did not have enough money. Her determination showed when Maria worked hard as a high paying governess while also studying to obtain sufficient funds to become a student at the university. The University of Paris accepted her in 1891 when Maria was 24 years old. In 1893, she earned her master’s degree in physics and a year after, her mathematics and chemistry degree. Even though Marie achieved her dream for a degree, she knew that she could always be better and accomplish more.

In 1895, Maria Sklodowska and Pierre Curie got married. After marriage, her name became the better known “Marie Curie.” Together, they had 2 daughters, Irène Joliot-Curie and Ève Curie. Even though Marie had to manage a family, she was also able to focus on her research. In 1906, Pierre was killed by a horse-drawn car, and Marie was devastated. After a long time of sorrow, she continued to persevere on her experiments and work. Marie Sklodowska-Curie died on July 4, 1934 in Passy, Haute-Savoie, France due to leukemia.

Personal Life

Marie Curie was a woman that devoted her life to science. It took Marie many years working with other scientists and her husband, Pierre Curie to discover two new elements of radium and polonium. Their newly discovered components were both added to the periodic table that we still use today and she invented the term “radioactive” too. Marie Curie then found out that radium can be used to treat and cure diseases, so she helped developed the x-ray. Marie invented portable radiology units and sterilization equipment that were used in World War Ⅰ as well. Additionally, she explored deeper parts of the atom. Marie Curie was one of the very few people that saw science in a whole new, different way.

Humanitarian Achievements

Awards and Honours


Generosity, kindness, and caring all mattered a lot to Marie Curie. She would always put others ahead of herself and try to assist people. Marie taught doctors how to use x-rays to help wounded soldiers who were injured in the war. She bought war bonds using her own money as well. Marie also taught local peasant’s children how to read and write Polish. The money Marie won from her many awards and prizes were donated to research or given to her friends, family, and students too.

Heroic Qualities

Science Achievements

Marie Curie was a remarkable woman and many other people firmly feel that is true too. There are two museums dedicated to her, the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Museum and Musée Curie which was her laboratory that is now being preserved. There are also several institutions, art works, biographies, monuments, statues, metro stations, and many more named in her honour.

So is Marie Curie a hero? I strongly believe she is. Marie has set a great example to people all around the world that you can persevere and achieve your dreams. She respects, tries to help, and cares about others. Marie didn’t do the things she did for the money, publicity, fame, or fortune either. She also saved many people’s lives from her discoveries that can treat diseases. Marie has inspired many people to see science and life at a different aspect, and she has moved the world forward in the right direction.

- Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903- Davy Medal in 1903- Matteucci Medal in 1904- Actonian Prize in 1907- Elliott Cresson Medal in 1909- Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911- Franklin Medal of the American Philosophical Society in 1921------------------------------------------ First woman to win Nobel Prize- First person to win two Nobel Prizes in multiple sciences- First female professor at the University of Paris

Beakers, flasks, and cylindersare examples of equipment used in a science laboratory.

Marie discovered radium and radioactivity. This is the radioactive symbol.

An actress portrayed as Marie Curie examining a test tube.

Marie Curie conducting research and experimenting in her lab.

A world-changing hero.

A short video on Marie Curie's biography.

Marie standing in her laboratory looking at her desk.

Marie Curie and husband, Pierre Curie working in their laboratory.

An illustration of Marie Curie and the atom.

An in-depth video on Marie Curie's life.

The two elements Marie Curie discovered, radium and polonium.

Many people see me as a hero in their perspective and I hope I’ve been an outstanding role model to them. I have accomplished numerous things during my lifetime, deciphered so much, and made several discoveries. I am Marie Curie, a world-changing hero.

Glossaryadolescent - growing into adulthood, component - a part or element of a larger wholedecipher - understanding, interpreting, or identyfyingpersevere - never giving up even in times of difficulty


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