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Marie Bracquemond

Major influences

•Biographical information:

Marie Bracquemond

Married in 1869 to Félix Bracquemond

Early Life

style of art

Born: December 1, 1840, Argentan, FranceDied: January 17, 1916, Sèvres, France

She began lessons in painting in her teens under the instruction of M. Auguste Vassort, "an old painter who now restored paintings and gave lessons to the young women of the town". She progressed to such an extent that in 1857 she submitted a painting of her mother, sister and old teacher posed in the studio to the Salon which was accepted. she was then asked by the Count de Nieuwerkerke, the director-general of French museums, to make important copies in the Louvre.

Marie Bracquemondwas a French Impressionist artist, Her most famous painting was On the Terrace at Sèvres, Musée du Petit Palais, Geneva, Switzerland 1880

She was born Marie Anne Caroline Quivoron on December 1, 1840[3] in Argenton-en-Landunvez, near Brest, Brittany. She did not enjoy the same upbringing or career as the other well known female Impressionists – Cassatt, Morisot, Gonzalès.[4] She was the child of an unhappy arranged marriage. Her father, a sea captain, died shortly after her birth. Her mother quickly remarried to a M. Pasquiou, and thereafter they led an unsettled existence, moving from Brittany to the Jura, to Switzerland, and to the Auvergne, before settling in Étampes, south of Paris.[5] She had one sister, Louise, born while her family lived at Corrèze, near Ussel, in the Auvergne, in the ancient abbey of Bonnes-Aigues.

under the lamp

the artist s son and sister in the garden at sevres


fun factin 1870 they had their only child, Pierre. Bracquemond's already delicate health deteriorated after her son's birth.

fun factMuch of what is known of Bracquemond's personal life comes from an unpublished short biography authored by her son entitled "La Vie de Félix et Marie Bracquemond.

fun factFélix and Marie Bracquemond worked together at the Haviland studio at Auteuil where her husband had become artistic director.


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