Marie Antoinette impossible interview

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Marie Antoinette impossible interview

1. I wasn't very happy, because I was a child and I still wanted to be a little bit with my mom.2. I was 16, because Louis XV died when me and my husband were very young.3. I was frightened.4. My first son was Joseph.5. I was very happy because the palace were beautiful and very big.6. Yes indeed.7. No, because without this marriage there would have been a war between France and Austria.

1. How do you feel when you married King Louis XVI of France at the age of 14?2. How old were you when you became queen of France?3. How did you feel when you became Queen?4.Who is your first son?5. How did you feel when you lived at Versailles palace?6. Did you have lost of parties at the palace?7. Did you regret that you have been Queen of France?

Marie Antoinette was the queen of the France during the French Revolution.She was born on 2 november 1791 and she married Louis XVI in 14 years for peace between France and Austria.

MarieAntoinetteimpossible interview



Marie AntoinetteFull name: Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna Consort: Louis XVI of France Children: Maria ThereseLouis JosephLouis XVII of FrancePrincess Sophie Father: Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor Mother: Maria Theresa Religion: Roman Catholic




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