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Marianne Padolina 6

The Roman Sculptures

The Trajan's ColumnThe Trajan's Column was built in AD 113 to honor the Emperor Trajan. It is located at the Trajan's Forum. The Trajan's Column was popular for its carved relief around the column. The carved relief commemorates Trajan's victory against the Dacians in the Dacians Wars.

The Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius is an ancient roman statue. It was made of bronze and it is 3.5m tall. Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and on the statue, he was riding a horse.

The Column of Marcus AureliusThe Column of Marcus Aurelius was built between in AD 180 and AD 196 to honor Marcus Aurelius, a roman emperor. It was also modeled on the Trajan's Column. The carved relief around the column showed Aurelius's victory against the Danubian tribes.

Augustus of Prima PortaAugustus of Prima Porta is a sculpture of Augustus Caesar, a roman emperor. It is 2.04m tall and it is made of marble.. It was also discovered at Prima Porta.

The Statue of the Emperor Octavian AugustusThe Statue of the Emperor Octavian Augustus is 185cm tall. The statue was built after Emperor Octavian Augustus died.


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