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marian anderson

Marian Anderson known for her angelic voice was one of the finest contraltos of her time and also the first African Americasn to perfrom with the New York Metropolitan opera in 1955.

Marian career took a lot of hardships, starting with her not being social accepted by her race, but that never stopped her. she continued singing. ven her church choir noticed her passion and hard work. They helped raise her money to go to Giuseppe Boghetti a very respected voice teacher. Which later led her into a contest organized by New York society, that also helped her into other opportunities. Until she finally got a scholarship by julius rosenwald to tour Europe. Where she was welcomed by evryone and not treated different, as much as Europe loved Marian Americans were still not that interested into her. It took away a long time but Americans were also slowly accepting her.

After retiring from performing in 1965, Marian moved to her farm in Connecticut. In 1991, the music world gave her a Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement.In her final years she lived in Portland, Oregon, with her nephew. She died there of natural causes on April 8, 1993.

Over the next years, Marian reputation grew even more. In 1961 she performed the national anthem at President John F. Kennedy's inauguration. Two years later, Kennedy honored her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In 1939 Marian manager tried to set a performance at washington D.C's Constitution hall, but was denied by her race. For policey put down that only whites allowed.when word leaked out people began a uproar even the presidents wife Elennore Roosevelt was upset. She invited marian to the lincoln memorial on easter sunday with a crowd of 75,000 that were black, white, and a variety of more races singing togather along with marian. As shown in this video.

Marian Anderson

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