Mariam and Laila- A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Mariam and Laila- A Thousand Splendid Suns

Laila is Tajik. She has a beautiful face with blonde hair and green eyes. She is a smart girl who doesn’t believe in marrying at an early age. She has a nice father. Laila has a nice personality. She seems like a weak girl but in fact she is really strong. The absence of two of her brothers causes Laila to be more mature than her age. She is independence. She doesn’t depend on her mom, Fabriba, whose mind is always on Ahmad and Noor. Laila fell in love with her neighbor, Tariq. War forced them be apart. This hurt Laila but it also makes Laila to be more independent. She is determined. She refused to go with Rasheed because she loves her father and she knows she is the only thing he has left. This shows that Laila is a loving person. She thinks about her family and refuses personal happiness; this shows that she is a warm hearted and a family-kind of person. She wants to use her knowledge to ameliorate the world around her. The author tells us that Laila is happy when she came back and help Zaman with the orphanage.


Mariam is Tajik. Her mother is Nana. Her father is Jalil. Herat is the city where Mariam was born, in 1959. Mariam lives with her mother in a shack in Gul Daman. Her father Jalil lives with his family. She wants to come to live with him but he is ashamed of her. She gets treated differently and unfairly comparing to Jalil’s other children. Nana doesn’t treat Mariam like a flower. It is not Nana’s fault because she was treated that wat, also. Mariam is a strong girl who lives up with all the obstacles. Later, being abandoned by her father, Mariam still keeps being strong. She waits for him in front of his house all night. She is a loving person. She misses Nana and blames herself for Nana’s death. Later, Mariam so her quick-adaptive personality when she marry Rasheed. She endures. She wears burqa as Rasheed wants her to. Her strong personality shows clearly when she gets through seven miscarriages and all the beatings of her abusive husband. She is not selfish. But her enduring personality makes her voice invisible. All she does is endure: even when she tells the police that it was her who killed Rasheed. At the end of the story, Mariam developed into a stronger woman who dies as a generous act. She believes her death is worth it.


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Laila and MariamFrom A Thousand Splendid Suns by: Khaled Hosseini



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