Maria Montessori

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Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori

=Originator of the Motessori method for educating children=Knowledge comes from sensory experiences=Prepared environments essential for learning=Respect for children is the foundation of teaching


Born in 1870 Maria went to school at a time when women were not seen as equals to men. She was ridiculed, teased, and challenged every step of her career. Maria Montessori completed medical school, despite her father's wishes of her wanting to be a teacher. Maria's first job was at a phychiatric hopital where she encountered many children. She saw more potential in the children than what the world saw in the children. A school was created for Maria to test her approach to giving children more potential. Maria researched information to appeal to the senses of the children to help them function in better ways. The new approach soared in success. Italian State examinations were completed by the children, and the children excelled in comparison to the children from a conventional school. In 1907, Children's House was created sometime later, and Maria tested her theories on younger children not in school. Children learn best through their own activity, and their own experiences rather than their solidarity. Children were given a sense of their own dignity and thrived in the classroom because of it.


--The first woman to earn a medical degree in Italy.--Leading advocate for women's rights---Revolutionized the classroom environment

Interesting Facts

The typical classroom in a Montessori school consists of readily available games and toys, household utensils, plants and animals that are cared for by the children, and child-sized furniture

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