Maria Montessori-The Montessori Method

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Maria Montessori-The Montessori Method

Maria Montessori, born in 1870, is the creator of the Montessori Method. Being one of the first women in Italy to receive a medical degree, Maria formulated approaches for effective teaching for children who were titled as incapable of learning. She believed a child learns through their senses and experiences and developed a method still used today. Her method views the classroom as discovery learning rather than direct instruction. The teacher helps guide and observe the children instead of instruct, allowing the students to explore and discover new ideas. The Montessori Method helps children learn practical life experiences like that of tying shoes, zipping a jacket, and buttoning a shirt. This method's classroom would be decorated in moveable child-sized furniture, making it appealing to the children. Maria Montessori and the Montessori Method was started in Italy and the Netherlands but now is spread all around the world.

Problems Along the Way

The first Montessori school in the United States was a private school because people felt this method could not be incorporated with other educational approaches. This method was also considered controversial because is didn't follow the beliefs of nursery schools and progressive education. With most of the work from students being independent, there was not a lot of social interaction.

-Self correcting materials-Child directed instruction-Purposeful play


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Maria Montessori-The Montessori - -Method-



Lasting Impression

1870-Born, August 31st1896-Obtained doctor of medicine degree. Studies writings of Itard and Séguin1897-98-Audits courses in pedagogy1900-Director of model school for children with developmental disabilities1901-Begins degree in education1907-Casa dei Bambini1912- English version of II Metodo published under The Montessori Method1913-First international training course1919-27-Travels; speaking about her method1929-Montessori teacher training center is built1933-Nazis destroy the Montessori movement1940-World War II; Maria and son to India1946-Maria and son return to Europe1949-First nomination for Nobel Peace Prize1952-Died, May 6th

Method in Action


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