[2014] jaymih: Maria Montessori Teacher Of Teachers

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[2014] jaymih: Maria Montessori Teacher Of Teachers

Author: Marie Tennent Shephard

Book report

Name: Jaymi Herrera Date: october

Title: Maria Montessori teacher of teachers

Personal reaction


This book made me feel and understand that i might want to work one place now but God has a plan for me. Also it ade me feel confident that something that seems bad to me might change the world.

The character I loved was the main character Maria because she had such courage when she was going to an all boy school, she also had such a bright outcome to something she didn't want to do and that inspires me to do that to. The character i hated were the boys because they would make rude comments to maria and that might of made her want to do school less.

Maria was born in italy and stayed there for her education. Later in her career she went to america. She traveled back and forth from italy to america, she also went to catalina.


Maria Montessori was born in 1870 to her mother,Renilde and Alessandro Montessori. At age 12 she knew what she wanted she wanted to be an engineer. Totally unexeptable for a girl at this time. She did not want to be a teacher. She went to school at a technical school then she went to college. She later became a teacher and now people all across the world use her method of teaching.


The main theme was teaching, and also you may have a dream to do something but you might go to school and feel that your real job is not what you intended. It was also partly schooling.

Main theme


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