Maria Justyna

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Maria Justyna

The Holocaust:Maria Justyna

Life during the war

Maria Justyna was born in the small town of Piotrkow Trybunalski, which is shown to the left. This town is located in central Poland and was quickly occupied by Germany just 3 days after Poland was invaded on September 1, 1939. Her town was set to fire and Jews were shot as they were trying to escape when Germany invaded.

Maria Justyna was born to Roman Catholic parents on March 28, 1925. Her parents were school teachers and Maria was able to attend grade and secondary school. She quickly made friends with two neighbor girls named Sabina and Helena, and they were Jewish. When she was 14 Germany invaded her hometown and schooling for Poles was banned. Shortly after the invasion, Sabina and Helena were forced to move into a Ghetto. This angered Maria and she immediately joined the resistance movement in her hometown.

Early Childhood

Maria was a courier for the Polish Home Army during the beginning of the war, which meant that she helped guide saboteurs that parachuted in from England. Also apart of her job, she delivered weapons, explosives, and underground newspapers. In 1942 the Germans liquidated the Ghetto, so Maria hid her two German friends in her home, until they were able to sneak out with false ID's. Then she was caught trying to smuggle two men out of Warsaw and the two men were immediately shot. She was then put on a train going to a camp, but she escaped!


After the War

Maria went back to school and recieved a medical degree. Then she returned back to her hometown and lived there with her family.



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