Maria Goretti:A Modern Lesson To Teach

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Maria Goretti:A Modern Lesson To Teach

The National Education Association has directed in The Code of Ethics of Education, it is much like the Bible, in the of Matter of Saint Maria Goretti , a child who was stabbed times.Several things could have been avoided such when someone is being raped they are being restrained and was Alessandro Serenelli trying teach Saint Maria Goretti a lesson. Should these young people have had a knife or been left alone. Saint Maria Goretti religious beliefs was she wanted to keep her virginity and that is her right.Alessandro Serenelli would probably have been in charge of the house thus, he was like a professional educator and he violated ,The Code of Ethics, which led to his incarceration. Principle I1) Shall not unreasonably restrain the student from independent action in the pursuit of learning 4) Shall make reasonable effort to protect the students from conditions harmful to learning or to health and safety. 6)Shall not on the basis of race,color,creed,sex,national orgin,maritial status,political or religious beliefs,family,social or cultural background,or sexual orientation,unfairly---a. Excude any student from participation in any programb.Deny Benefits to any studentc.Grant any advantage to any student(The National Education Association)

Bringing Her Story To The Present

1890 - Maria is Born and Baptized.1896-Maria is confirmed.1901 - First Holy Communion.1902 - Is attacked and dies. 1935 - Process to become a Saint begans.1947 - Beatified.1950- Declared Saint.(Unknown Author)

The most important thing to think about is reporting abuse and Alessandro Serenelli had access to erotic art ,that made him in some way do this.Today children have so much of a easy time to find erotic art and poronography,it is wonder that this does not happen more often. Erotic art and poronography are adult tools that need to used wisely and also should be a choice and should be used with deep spiritual and religious reflection and not by underage students until they are of a mature legal age to use the tool.(CP Fr.Godfrey Poage)

Lasting Impact

Instead of wishing anything bad to happen to Alessandro Serenelli,she forgave the person that caused her to die from the wounds Alessandro Serenelli caused...St Maria Goretti had problem with reading that made it hard to learn about the Roman Catholic Church.She had skills in repairing clothing.She prayed for everyone else when,she herself was dying...(CCTHtv)


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