Maria Eva Durante de Peron

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Maria Eva Durante de Peron

Maria Eva Duarte de Peron

The life of Argentina's beloved Evita


At first, she had little success as an actress, but in the end, she starred in several famous Argentine movies.Her stardom led her to meet many famous poeple, including her future husband, General Juan Peron.

Evita was born without a father and in the poorest of living conditions.She dreamed of aspiring to more than her parentage as an actress.

When Eva died, the entire countr of Argentina closed their shops and governments and cried for their beloved Evita.Evita died at only 32 years old.Argentina mourned her death for months.

Even though she had fame and political power, Eva remainded a faithful advocate of the people, motivated by her own hard early life.

Eva was loved by the people of Argentina, who called her "Evita" and believed that she literally carried the heart of Argentina within her.

Eva's father dies; because she is an illegitimate child, she is not allowed to attend the funeral


At only 15 years old, Eva moves to Buenos Aires with the hope of becoming an actress



Eva begins to campaign for women's and worker's rights and marries General Juan Peron

Eva dies

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Eva Peron is born



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