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Maria Concepcion Arguello

Maria Concepcion Arguello was the daughter of Jose Dario Arguello, the Spanish governor of Alta California and Presidio Commandante. She was born at the Presido of San Francisco and at 15 she fell in love with Count Nikoli Rezanov , the visiting head of a Russian expedition to Alaska. They became engaged and Nikolai returened to Russia to ask the Tsar for permission to marry Concepcion. During his trip across Siberia in 1807 he fell ill and died. Poor Concepcion was unaware of his death and for many years was waiting for him. In 1851, she recieved official documents and was freed of the engagement and became California's first native-born nun. She focused on education and wrote California's first textbook. In 1854, she came to Benicia to establish St. Dominic's school. In 1857, she died and is now buried in the St. Dominic's Cemetery in Benicia.


1791 - year of birth.1806 - met and engaged to Nikolai Rezanov.1807 - Nikolai left.1851 - Finds out Nikolai is dead and she becomes a nun.1854 - came to Benicia to establish St. Dominics school.1857 - died.

Maria Concepcion Arguello came to Benicia in 1954 to establish St. Dominics school.She was California's first native nun.She wrote California's first textbook.


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Maria ConcepcionArguello




- Poem "Concepcion De Arguello" by Francis Bret Harte- Novel "Concha: My Dancing Saint" by Rebecca Lawrence Lee- Russian opera and ballet "Juno and Avos"


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