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Maria Agnesi

Maria Agnesi was born on the 26th of May 1789 in Milano (Italian). Her father, Piertro Agnesi was a university professor in Bolgana. He wanted a family to carry on his fortune and married Anna Fortunana ,Maria's mother, and after her death he married again. Maria Agnesi was the oldest of 23 siblings including her half siblings. The Agnesi family was very wealthy and well known due to Pietro's discoveries at the university. This always earned him friends whom had very high ranks in their jobs. Maria could fluently speak Italian and French at the age of 5 and at 11 she could also speak Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, German and Latin. She was nicknamed the 'Seven Tonged Orator due to how many languages she could speak. When she was 9 Maria produced an hour long speech in Latin about women's rights to be educated infront of the most distinguished intellectuals of the day. At age 12 Maria suffered a horrible illness. Though the treatment failed she continued her studies and bringing up her siblings. She studied Geometry, Calculus, ballistics, horse riding and dancing. Her goal was to enter a convent, as she was strongly religious. Her father did not grant her wish and instead let her live in a semi retirement center to focus on just her mathematics.

Maria's Work in Maths

The Witch of Agnesi Curve The Witch of Agnesi Curve is the way of finding the curve of a circle. Maria studied ballistics, geometry, calculus and mathematical analysis. She publised a book called 'institutions analytical use of Italian Youth' in Milano which is apparently the 'introduction the Euler's great work'.

Maria GaetanaAgnesi

Maria's Life

Maria Agnesi was the oldest of 23 siblings including her half siblings. Her father, Piertro Agnesi was a univerisity proffesor in Bolgana. As head of the Agnesi family he neaded a wife to stay home with his children so he married Anna Fortunana, Maria's mother. Maria Agnesi was the oldest of 23 siblings including her half siblings.

Witch of Agnesi Curve Definition: 'a plane curve symmetrical about the y - axis and asymptotic to the x - axis, given by the equation x 2 y =4 a2 - (2 a - y)'

Maria became a professor at the university in Bologna. She was the second women to ever be apart of an active university board, and published a book called 'instituzioni analitiche ad uso della gioventu italiana' translate to 'Institutions analytical use of Italian Youth' which is an 'introduction the Euler's work'. Thanks to her ingenious discoveries and work she was presented with jewelry, a letter and crystal case from Empress Maria Theresa. in 1750 she was appointed by Pope Benedict XIV to the chair for physics and mathematics, though she never served because of her illness. Maria gave her earnings away to the poor and less fortunate, this caused various debates about her not using her familys money wisely.

Why Maria Was an Agent of Change...Maria is a role model. She gave tothe poor, became a proffessor, livedthrough her illness and showedwomen that they have voice andopinion that needs to be shared.She grew up in a well known familythat had the knowledge and resourcesto complete her goals and help herchange the world. She showed womenthat they can do anything men can andthat their opinion is just as important.She was strongly religious, this caughtthe eye of various priests and even thepope thus giving her much needed recognition to carry on her goal andspread her words.


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