[2015] Kyla Hurns (2014-15 Women in Sci, 2015-16 Global Lit 8th gr): Margareth Floy Washburn

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[2015] Kyla Hurns (2014-15 Women in Sci, 2015-16 Global Lit 8th gr): Margareth Floy Washburn

Science Career- extreme interest in the relationship of our motor skills and mental skills- behavior is the expression between our conscious thought and bodily movements-proposed the idea that animal possess mental processes and capabilities to learn that are structurally similair to humans at the 1927 Wittenburg Conference on Feelings amd Emotions-wrote 2 books Animal Mind and Movement and Mental Imagery-all thoughts and perceptions produce some type of physical reaction

Accomplishments-first woman ever awarded a doctorate in psychology in June 1894-first woman psychologist and second woman scientist-second woman to be elected to the National Academy of Sciences-won the Susan Lynn Sage Fellowship in Philosophy and Ethics-elected to be the member in the American Psychological Association-one of the 4 coediters of the American Journal of Psychology

Early Life-Francis Washburn and Elizabeth Floy Davis natives of New York-only child-encouraged her to pursue higher education-traveled a lot as a kid-interested in reading, deep private reasoning, studying French and German

Birth: July 25, 1871 in Harlem, New YorkDeath: October 29,1939 in Poughkeepsie, New York from a stroke

Margaret Floy Washburn

Education-started her education at a private school at the age of 7-graduated from high school in 1886-went straight to Vassar college at the age of 15-graduated from Vassar College in 1891-determined to study in the graduate psychology program -Colombia wouldn't take her into their graduate program


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