Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

British PM 1979-1990

Facts:- Longest serving British PM in the 20th century.- Only woman to be Prime Minister in the UK.

She was nicknamed “Iron Lady”, for her uncompromising politics and leadership style. In her time as Prime Minister, she implemented policies that were later combined in a government philosophy known as “Thatcherism”.

Thatcherism emphasized deregulation, more flexible labor markets, privatization of state-owned companies, and a decrease in the power and influence of trade unions.

Her popularity was fairly large, initially, but her no-compromising policy eventually lost her many supporters. The quick and decisive victory in the Falklands War saved her political career, and she went on to win two more elections before resigning in 1990, after losing the Tory Party general election and retiring from public life a few years after.

Thatcher was often accused of creating a ‘society of two nations’: the conservative south, and the Labor north. Her policies, which were rarely ever compromising with the opposition, widened the gap between the two political parties, since voters were either with Thatcher, or against her.

The phrase "society of two nations" is a jab at her policy of ‘one-nation conservatism’, which appealed to working class men as a solution to worsening divisions in society.One-nation conservatism reflects the belief that societies exist and develop organically, and that members within them have obligations towards each other, particularly from the rich people to the poor ones.


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