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Margaret Peterson Haddix by Karen Reiber

Margaret Peterson Haddix

•Always wanted to be an author•Grew up on a farm in Washington Courthouse, OH•Grew up with readers-loves books!•Miami, University—Majors: Creative Writing—“to be an author” Journalism –“for a job” History—“just for fun”•Jobs: Copy Editor & News Reporter•Author: Award winning author

Being the new kid in school is always tough! Find out how Dexter (Dexter the Tough) and Janie (The Girl with 500 Middle Names) deal with being that new kid.Haddix gives a children's voice to the issues of moving, friends, family and change.

Tweens & Teens


Time travel mystery!


House sitting gone wrong? Suspense-with Haddix twists!

The Shadow Children Series takes place in the future but today in our world, China limits children because of overpopulation. After reading the 1st book compare 3 issues from that book with 3 similar issues that you research about China today. Conclude your paper with ideas that you might have to deal with the issue of overpopulation.

The Shadow Children Series begins with Among the Hidden, where Luke Garner is a prisoner in his own home just because he is a third child. Each family is only allowed two children which is enforced by the Population Police. Haddix does an awesome job dealing with issues of free will and isolation. The series is full of twists and suspense!

Grades 4-6

•International Reading Association Best Books for Young Adults (YA)•ALA Best Books for YA•Quick Pick for Reluctant YA•Many State Reader’s Choice Awards•New York Best Sellers--"Sent"

Meet the Author--Steve Bertrand with Barnes & Noble Studio, interviews Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Award Winning Author


Cinderella Revisted

Watch the tralier for Claim to Fame!

Source: All pictures from Connect to Haddix Website Here

Just Released!

Grades K-3


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