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Margaret Mitchell

Georgia Standards:SS5H5 The student will explain how the Great Depression and New Deal affectedthe lives of millions of Americans.c. Discuss important cultural elements of the 1930s; include Duke Ellington,Margaret Mitchell, and Jesse Owens.

Margarett ''Peggy'' Mitchell was born November 8, 1900 in Atlanta, Georgia. As a child she was always facinated by stories that she had been told about the civil war. Even as a young child she was very imaginative and talented often inviting the neighbors over to see a play that she written and cast her friends in.As an adult she would become most famously known for her Pulitzer Prize winning novel ''Gone with the Wind.'' Although published ,in 1936, GWTW is still one of the most popular literary works ever written.Eventhough she is most famously known for her book, Mitchell was a great humanitarian. She used her fame and her money to support causes that were dear to her heart. During WWII, she worked for the Red Cross rasing millions of dollars in support of their war efforts. She also generously gave scholorships to yound African-American men attending Morehouse College in pursuit of becoming doctors. This effort was from her concern that there were not enough black doctors in Georgia.Sadly, on August 11, 1949, Mitchell was struck by a car crossing the street, just a few blocks from ''The Dump.'' Mitchell died just five days later.

"The Dump""The Dump", is the name that Mitchell gave to her Atlanta, Georgia apartment where she spent hours by the window writing the most popular novel in the world.

1900-Born in Atlanta, GA1914-1918 Attended Washington Seminary1918-1919-Atended Smith College1922- Married Red Upshaw1926- Began Writing for the Atlanta Journal1924-1925- Divorced and remarried John Marsh1926- Began Writing Gone With the Wind1937-Won the Pulitzer Prize for GWTW1940-1945 - Mitchell worked for the Red Cross in WWII efforts1949- Hit by a car crossing the street and died from injuries.

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Margaret Mitchell

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