Marfan Syndrome

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Marfan Syndrome

The heart and blood vessels, bones and joints, eyes, skin, and lungs.The symptoms are a tall, thin build, long arms, legs, fingers, toes, flexible joints, a spine that curves to one side, a chest that sinks in or sticks out, teeth that are too crowded, and flat feet.

Marfan Syndrome is a disorder of connective tissue resulting long and thin arms, legs, feet, and fingers

What is Marfan Syndrome?

Marfan Syndrome

What does it effect?

Heart Treatment: Aortic dilation is a heart problem connected to Marfan Syndrome. In the condition, the aorta grows weak. Surgery is used to replace the segment of aorta before it tears.Bone and Joint Treatments: Doctor may suggest a brace or other device to prevent the condition from getting worse. Severe cases may require surgery.Eye Treatment: Glasses or contact lenses can help with some of these problems. Sometimes surgery is needed.Nervous System Treatment: Marfan Syndrome can lead to Dural ectasia. Dural ectasia causes the bones of the spine to wear out. Dural ectasia usually is treated with pain medicines.Lung Treatment: Marfan Syndrome can cause a collapsed lung. A tube is placed through the skin and chest wall to remove the air. Sometimes surgery is needed.

Typically Women, Men , and Children have Marfan Syndrome

Mutations in the FBN1 Gene cause Marfan Syndrome or a genetic condition that an individual inherits from a parent

What type of allele causes this disease?

Are there any treatments?

Watch how Marfan Syndrome Effects the body

This girl has Marfan Syndome. Do you see how long and thin her arms are?

Notice how his spine is curved

Her arms are a sign of Marfan Syndrome


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