Marcus Garvey

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Social Studies

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Marcus Garvey

Take My Hands And Follow Me To The Mother Land

Marcus Gravey was born August 17, 1887 and died June 10, 1940 at the age 52. As a young man Garvey was a publisher and journalist in his native country of Jamaica. He is know to many as the father of Black Nationalism.

This is a man who wanted African descendants to RETURN to their motherland. "Why should they be forced to stay where they are not wanted? "Garvey saw himself as a king who supported, and protected his people. He did not procrastinate or try to integrate into a nation where he was not welcomed. He mobilized and moved many of his people back to their homeland of Africa. Garvey was becoming too powerful too fast and many tried to stop his movement. But no matter how many times they tried to break him down they could not, as Garvey was a strong and relentless black man. A man who was determined to better the black race. This is why I admire Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

I AM A KING My words will be heard No one will silence me I AM STRONG I AM A KING I will not be mistreated And neither will my people I will stand up and fight For what I believe in I AM STRONG I AM A KING See me Hear me Follow my words I will lead you home To the mother land I AM STRONG I AM A KING

In Honor ofMarcus Garvey


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