Marcus Brutus

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Marcus Brutus

Julius Caesar Statue

Julius Caesar in "Rome"

Brutus The Younger Statue

Brutus in "Rome"

Servilia Statue

Brutus The Elder Statue

Servilia in "Rome"

The Murder of Caesar

The Battle of Philippi

Marcus Junius Brutus was one of the most well respected leaders of rome. He was stubborn and arrogant because of the lifestyle he grew up in. This helped him in politics and military purposes. In this glog there are images of statues of brutus, his family members, and his close enemy. There are also photos of what they look liked in the HBO series "Rome." There are motion pictures of what was going on in Brutus's time from the HBO Series "Rome".

Marcus Junius Brutus

Timeline of Brutus:85 BC Brutus was born59 BC was accused to have a plot to kill Pompey which was not true 58 BC Brutus career started as an assistant to the governor of Cyprus, Cato56 BC returned home to Rome and married Claudia53 BC was chosen quaestor of Cilicia51 BC & 50 BC was the military commander in Cilicia and Macedonia49 BC Civil war started and when on Pompeys side48 BC Pompey lost to Caesar at the battle of Pharsalus everyone became a prisnor of war on Pompeys side but Caesar let Brutus go47 BC & 45 BC became a member of the senior priesthood46 BC divorced Claudia and married Porcia45 BC & 44 BC became governor Cisalpine, Gaul44 BC appointed by Caesar to become the city preator44 BC March 15th Brutus killed Caesar43 BC fleed to Greece and conqured all of the eastern part of the Roman empire because he was not allowed back in Rome and Rome did not gp back to the old government42 BC was defeated and then killed him self at the battle of Philippi

Island of Cyprus

Cato the Younger



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