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Marco Polo

Marco Polo was a famous traveler and merchant, or trader. He traveled on the silk road with his father and uncle in 1271, when he was only seventeen years of age.(trade route below) when Marco arrived with his family in the empire of Kublai Khan, in the same year, he worked for Kublai Khan for seventeen years until he was allowed to leave. In 1298, Marco Polo was serving on a ship in the Adriatic Sea. During a battle, Genoese ships defeated a Venetian fleet and was taken prisoner. He spent a year in jail and met Rustichello. Marco Polo shared his stories with Rustichello and he wrote them down. Marco Polo’s stories that Rustichello wrote down later became published as a book. Marco later died in 1324.


1254 - Born1259 - Leaves Constantinople1271 - Arrives in court of Kublai Khan1295 - Leaves after 17 years1299 - Realesed from prison, gets married and has three kids1324 - Died

Journey on the Silk Road, with his father, and his uncle.Marco Polo wrote his famous book, The Travels still popular today.Marco Polo was one of the first Europeans to travel into Mongolia and China.


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