Marco Polo

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Marco Polo

In 1271 Marco Polo goes to China.

While traveling in China I found many inventions, such as paper, printing and gunpowder.

Marco Polo

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Marco Polo and his family traveled by camel and horseback on the Silk Road.

The SIlk Road was not one road, but several trade routes connecting China to Europe. Merchants traveled the routes to China to buy silk, spices, and other goods.

Wealthy Europeans were willing to pay high prices for silk.

Marco Polo was only 17 years old when he left for Itlay with his father and his uncle. His journey to China took 3 years. When he arrived he worked for China's ruler Kublai Khan.

The Silk Road was dangerous. It ran beside the hot, dry Taklamakan Deset and crossed high mountains. Merchants risked thrist, hunger, and attacks by bandits.

Kublai Khan


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