Marco Polo

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Marco Polo

Marco Polo Day

-It will be celebrated om September 15-Italy:have a grand feast with friends and family and play Marco Polo in the pool-Grand feast in Italy has only Chinese food-Vice-versa for China/Mongolia-Other countries have both cuisines for their grand feast-Other countries play Marco Polo, kids play a board game called around the world-In China/Mongolia and Italy will have a Marco Polo tournament-5 players per side and each team-One person starts off and has to catch 1 player in 15 min-If they don't catch he will be eliminated from the game-In China/Mongolia there will be a guess the country in Europe-Vice versa for Italy they guess countries in Asia

-Born in 1254-Dad and uncle went to China-They came back and went again , but with Marco Polo-They stayed in China for 17 years-He worked for Kublai Khan-Travelled all around Asia-Became one of the really important people in the empire

Who is Marco Polo?

What is going to happen

on this day?

Nicollo & Mafeo Polo

Voyages/Legacy -Inspired Columbus-After being captured by Genoa he became famous-Now has a book called The Travels of Marco Polo-Greatest explorer of all time-Travelled when he was very young(17)-He was sent by Kublai Khan to visit the many places in Asia-After staying for a long time he became a really important man in a the empire

Kublai Khan

Italian mixed with Chinese food

Guess the Country game

Around the World Boardgame

Marco Polo Game


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