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Marco Polo

At the age of 15 Marco Polo's mother passed away. From there his education was geared toward preparing him to join his father's trade business. In 1271 Marco left with his father and sailed to Acre, Jerusalem, and Layas. After this they left for the Mongol Empire and Kublai Khan. They traveled along the "Silk Road". The "Silk Road" was the term used to describe many overland trade routes between Eastern Europe and Eastern China.Marco Polo and his father stayed in China for 17 years. They left China to escort a young chinese bride for the new Persian King.In 1295 the Polo family returned home to Venice.


1271 - Left Home at age of 171275 - Welcomed into Kublai Khan's summer palace1292 - Left China for Persia1295 - Returned home

Traveled to ChinaTraveled farther and saw more than any other European of his time.First European to see petroleum (unprocessed oil) flowing from it's source.

Lasting Impact

His book A Description of the World inspired future explorers (including Columbus)

Extra Resources

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