Marco Polo and the Silk Road

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Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The Silk Road to ChinaIn 1271, at 17 years old Marco Polo left Italy and traveled the Silk Road, a ancient trade route between Europe and China. In 1275 they finally reached the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan's palace. Emperor Kublai Khan liked Marco Polo so much that he made him his advisor and allowed him to travel throughout China. Marco Polo was his advisor for 17 years before he returned home to Italy.

The Travels of Marco PoloWhen Marco Polo returned home to Italy, Venice and Genao were at War. During the war Marco Polo was taken prisonor. When he was being held as a prisoner he met Rustichello da Pisa, a writer. Da Pisa enjoyed Marco Polo's stories about his adventures so much that he wrote the book, The Travels of Marco Polo. The book included information about the people and cutoms of China. It was a hug hit through out Europe and led to Marco Polo to become one of the world's most famous explorers.

Journey FactsDate: 1271-1295Length of route: up to 6,200 milesTime for Journey: over a year

Emperor Kublai Khan