[2015] Kendra Weinrich: Marco Polo

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[2015] Kendra Weinrich: Marco Polo


Biography:Born in 1254 and lived until January 8, 1324 Born in Venice ItalyTraveled extensively with his familyHis book Il Milione describes his travels and experiences

Marco journeyed with his Father and Uncle from Europe to Asia from 1271 to 1295. He remained in China for 17 of those years. His book Il Milione describes his travels and experiences. Marco's first journey was in 1271 when his father and uncle traveled to China for the second time. This journey took place on land and was very challenging, but through it all Marco reveled in the adventure. His memory or these places was remarkable. After four years of traveling, they reached China. They were away from Venice for more than 23 years, and historians have debated whether Marco ever even made it to China.

Marco impressed Khan and he employed Marco as a special Envoy. Because of this, Khan sent Marco to far-flung areas of Asia never before explored by Europeans. As the years wore on, Marco was promoted for his work. He served as governor of a Chinese city, then later, Khan appointed him as an official of the Privy Council. At one point, he was the tax inspector in the city of Yanzhou. From these journeys, Marco gained a great deal of knowledge and wonderment.

After 17 years the Polo's decided it was time to head back to Venice. This time they traveled by sea, and when they reached Perisa only 18 people on the ship were alive. After almost two decades of being gone, the Polos were finally back to their native land, but their faces looked unfamiliar to their family and they struggled to speak their native tongue.

Travels of Marco Polo:

A few years after returning to Venice, Marco commanded a ship that was in war against Genoa. He was captured and sent to prison. There Marco became friends with Rustichello. They eventually published a book called The Description of the World, also known as The Travels of Marco Polo. Marco was released from prison in 1299 and this book made him a celebrity. Many people thought the book was fictional but Marco stood behind it. After he was released, Marco returned to Venice, got married, had three daughters, and carried on the family business.

Marco's story has inspired countless other adventurers to set off and see the world. Two centuries after Marco's death, Christopher Columbus set off across the Atlantic to find a new route to the Orient. With him was a copy of Marco Polo's book.


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