[2015] Autumn Blackburn: Marco Polo

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[2015] Autumn Blackburn: Marco Polo

Maco Polo Sailed for Italy.


Life-His dad got back from China when he was fifteen; that was the first time Marco had seen his dad. -His dad Niccolo Polo was a merchant and traveled a lot. -Marco was trained to be a merchant and could read, write, and do math.- When Marco was 42 he was in prison because he lost a ship battle. -Marco had a wife and several children.- Marco died in 1324.

Voyage to China

What happened in China Marco met Kublai Klan and went into the forbidden city. Kublai became fond of Marco. He learned new languages and new religions. He found out interesting things like fire didn't burn well at high altitudes. Marco was the governor of Yang-chou. He was a government official in Kublai. He stayed in China for 24 years.

Early Life-Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy on September 15, 1254.-Marco Polo was a rich man. -Marco's mother died when he was young. --He was raised by his aunt and uncle.

- Marco Polo left for China with his father in 1271.- He took a ship across the Mediterranean Sea and then rode camels into Persia. - They got sick for almost one year, then continued to China.- Then he traveled across the Gobi Desert.

Discoveries- He discovered that fire didn't burn as well in high altitudes as low altitudes. - He discovered that water didn't boil as fast at high altitudes. - He brought silk back to Italy. - He brought exotic foods back to Italy, such as noodles.

Places Traveled-China-Vietnam-Thailand- Malaya- Sumatra-Sri Lankas- Khanbalik (Now Beijing)

Challenges- Marco Polo and his crew were sick for almost one year on the journey to China.- He was arrested at 42 because he lost a ship battle.- It was hard to find water while crossing the Gobi Desert.-On the way to Hormuz, they were stopped by bandits and barely escaped.

Impact on World- Marco Polo taught people about geography.- His theory was that the sky was round and the earth was a square.- His book The Travels of Marco Polo opened a new chapter in Europe. - His book caused an advance in the development of navigation.

Autumn Blackburn

Contributions- Languages- Turkish, Persian, Arabic and Mongolian.-He saw Buddhists, Muslims, and Zoroastrians.- His book The Travels of Marco Polo was a great contribution to Italy,- He learned some af the Chinese language and culture. - The Papal Letters- Chinese language and culture

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