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Marcie Garrett

EducationRene began his studies at Jesuit College at age 8. His course of study included five or six years of grammar school, including Latin and Greek grammar, followed by three years of philosophy. He was required to take mathematics in his last three years at Jesuit. He had many health problems growing up so he didn't have to attend school at 5 a.m. with the other students, instead he had permission to stay in bed until 11 a.m. every morning. He earned a law degree at the University of Poitiers. One of Descarte's teachers set him on a course to apply mathematics and logic to understanding the natural world. His approach to philosophy was completely new. He cleared all preconcieved notions and started fresh with the statement "I exsist." From this came the most famous quote: "I think; therefore I am." In 1618 Rene joined the army of Prince Maurice of Nassau until 1628, his whereabouts for the next few years are unknown. While traveling through Europe he met Issac Beekman, a dutch mathmatician, who encouraged him to begin writing scientic theories on mathematics.Some of His Works 1637-Discourse on "Method, with Optics, Meterology and the Geometry"1644-"The Principles of Philosophy"1647-"Description of the human body" 1701-"Rules for the Direction of Mind"He was the first to use the first letters of the alphabet to represent known quantities, and the last letters to represent unknown ones. He invented the method of using exponents, to represent the powers of a number. He also formulated a rule known as Descartes' rule of signs, for finding the positive and negative roots of an algebraic equation (k = ±1/r) and the Cartesian Coordinate System.He also discovered the law of reflection. Descartes' approach to combining mathematics and logic with philosophy to explain the physical world turned metaphysical and led him to a study on the idea of dualism (matter meeting non-matter).His Later YearsDescartes never married but he had a daughter, Francine, with the maid of the house he was staying at in Netherlands. Francine died of a fever at age 5. Rene lived in the Netherlands for 20 years, but died in Stockholm at age 53. His bad health growing up as a child effected him throughout his whole life and resulted in an early death.Rene Descartes discovered a new, and different vision of the natural world that continues to shape our mind's today. His methods of mathematics help us to solve problems in geometry, algebra, and calculas.

His Early YearsRene was born March 31, 1596 in La Haye, France. Son of Joachim and Jeanne Brochard. His mother, died during childbirth with another son so Rene spent his first years with his grandmother, Jeanne Sain Brochard, along with his older brother, Pierre and older sister Jeanne. He began introducing himself as Poitevin and signed letters as "du Perron," but people know him by Rene Descartes.

Rene Descartes

Father of Modern Philosophy."Cogito... ergo, sum. meaning"I think, therefore I am."- Rene Descartes

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