Marching Band Recruitment

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Marching Band Recruitment

UAB Marching Blazers 2015

Why Should I Join Marching Band?

What is Marching Band?Marching band is a visual performing ensemble made up of wind players, percussionists, and auxilaries (colorguard, majorettes, and dancers). Marching bands commonly perform at football games as well as in competitions.

What Kind of Instruments Are There?In marching band, there are wind instruments (flute, clarinet, trumpet, etc.), percussion (drums and keyboards), as well as flags, rifles, sabres, and batons. If you choose to audition for an auxillary group you may need additional experience with baton, dance, or flags!

Why Should I Join Band?Marching band is a fun way to meet new friends and get some exercise in the process! Marching bands perfom in the fall at football games as well as at local, regional, and state competitions. If you continue in college you can often earn additional scholarship money!

How Do I Know Which Instrument To Pick?Instrument auditions for students are often scored on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. The higher your score on an instrument the more likely you will be successful at learning to play the instrument. However, this is not always true and if you pick an instrument you scored low on you will be successful!

How Much Does Band Cost?The costs incurred by students come from instrument rental, uniform rental, spirit packs, and additional travel expenses not covered by the school or organization! Some schools also charge class fees for band in addition to the fees for uniforms, etc.

Tarpon Springs Outdoor Performance Ensemble 2014

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