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8th of March

The Women's Day is being celebrated on 8th March. On that day women get flowers or gifts. The firstceleebration of National Women's Day was held on 28 February 1909 in the Party of America. It was to commemorate the works strike against poor working conditions.

Special day

What happened on this day?

Women like get gifts or presents from men. In the Women Day, men bring chocolate sweets, diffrent flowers or beatiful jewelry. Women are very happy with presents. Also they love supper with the candlelight prepare by their man or cook master. In this day women must to feel good and men must do everything, what women do in normal day. I want wish every women health, money and lovely man!!!! MARCEL

8th March

How did the story end?

Women like this day very much...

In Poland we celebrate this day and women get tulips.These are typical flowers:)


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