March On Washington

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March On Washington

Question- What was the tie-in to this date?Answer- Emmet till died on this day because all he did was tak to a white womanQuestion- Who was the keynote Speaker? what speech from this march is still quoted today and who said it? What details are known about the orgins of this speech?Answer- Martin Luther King Jr. was the keynote speaker. The "I Had A Dream" speech by Martin luther King Jr. is still quoted today. One is " I had a dream that once blacks and whites would join together..."


1)Walter Reuther2)Randolph and Rustin3)Anna Arnold Hedgeman4)Malcolm X5)Rosa Parks & ect.

Question- What was the focus for this event?Answer- The march for freedom and jobsQuestion- What two key pieces of legislation were a direct result of this march? Answer- 1) Blacks were able to vote 2) Blacks were able to get jobs anywhereQuestion- What organizations were credited with organizing the march?Answer- (NUL) (NAACP) (CORE) (SNCC) ( SCLC)

Time Line

August 26- Orders came from Washington to destroy all cables sent to Saigon, South VietnamAugust 28- The civil rights March on Washington for Jobs and FreedomAugust 28- The "I had A Dream" Speech




March on WashingtonBy: Ashley Gaines

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