March News

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March News

Third GradeNews

March 2012

Mrs. Pasola's Class

Important Dates

Read Across America...2ndConferences...7th, 8th, 9thBook Fair...7th, 8th, 9thAsian Craft Morning...30th



Social Studies


St. Patrick's Day Facts and Fun

Happy Birthday!

Game Fun!

We started learning about expository writing or simply writing that explains something. A four square organizer will be used to help the students organize their ideas. We also are learning to put VOICE into our writing. Your child's personality should be present when reading his/her writing. We are going to use Quick Writes to pull out that Spark! And of course, always encourage "Compositional Risks"....try something new!

Analyzing our Reading is so much fun! Everyone has been really enjoying their Guided Reading Groups and Book Clubs. The dialogue about the books they are reading is AMAZING! Some upcoming skills and strategies are Plot, Theme, Comparing & Contrasting, and Sequencing.

Slide on any Rainbow for some fun!

Shape up! We have been learning all about geometry. Chapter 12 is where we are heading next, which is about measurement and probability. The NJASK is in the near future, and we will be getting ready! Please make sure your child continues to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplicaton facts. This can be done with flashcards or online games.

It is fun learning about New Jersey History. We will finish up the third marking period learning some more!

We will be learing about Asian Culture with a variety of activities. Then we will end the week long study with a few crafts with Mrs. Kolodziej.

Time for Some Culture!




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