March ahead, o revived people

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March ahead, o revived people

March ahead, o revived people,To your future march ahead,Forge your destiny of glory,By the might of letters led.March to powerful knowledge,Let your duty be your guide!Join the host of other peoples,God is always by your side.Go! For like the sun is knowledge.On the soul it sheds its rays.Go! A people shall not perish,When true learning lights its days.Once unknown and obscure,Take your place in History.Let your spirit rule the countriesYou subdued in victory.Thus the two brothers encouragedOur people long ago.O you memorable old times,O you sacred days of yore!You saints Cyril and Methodius,You be blessed thrice above!Fathers of Bulgarian learning,Makers of the tongue we love!

Clubs "I communicate with Europe" and "I communicate with the world" - The 5th Primary school "Mityo Stanev", Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


In Bulgaria, thе Saints Cyril and Methodius Day is known as 'Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day', 'Culture and Literacy Day' or 'Alphabet Day'. It is also celebrated following the Orthodox calendar on 24 May and it is a public holiday in Bulgaria.



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