March 4, 2013

by mrsbrockhoff
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March 4, 2013

Letter review and weekly words...This week we are wrapping up our digraph study. So far we have been over th, sh, ch, and now wh. Digraphs can be difficult for the children. Because of their difficulty, I will be periodically going back over them throughout the rest of the year. (:Our weekly words are:what this one two three

Math this week...This week we are reviewing adding and subtraction. We will be making number sentences with sums and differences up to 5 and 10.We have begun reviewing 3D shapes. Your child will have to know the following 3D shapes for report card:ball/sphere box/cube conecan/cylinderI will not mark an answer incorrect if a child says ball, box, or can. However, I really want them to know the "big kid" terms!

Science and Social Studies this week...This week we are going to be doing a study of Dr. Suess (and his books/art). We are going to go over some of the social issues (sharing and tolerance) that he addresses. Feel free to visit my Dr. Suess glog at home! You can find it under the "What are we learning..." link.

I am going to begin testing for report cards this week. This week I will test letters and sounds, numerals to 20, shapes, and addition. Please look (later this week) in your child's folder for a complete list of sight words. I will be testing sight words next week.

Spring pictures are this THURSDAY!

March 4th, 2013



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