March 11, 2013

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March 11, 2013

Mrs. Wolff's Class

in social studies we learned about natural resources.Natural resources are something that we use that comes from nature like wood, soil, oil and water.

In science, we continued to work in our water journal.This week we did two experiments. We learned thatwater always flows downhill and that water always takes the shape of its container.

In math we have started learning about place value.We know that we can have nine one's in the onescolumn, but as soon are we have ten ones, we have to trade them in for a ten block. It takes a lot of practice!

This week in reading, we read a story called, 'Where Are My Animal Friends?' We learned aboutwhat different animals do in the winter. Some migrate,some hibernate and some animals stay for the winter.We compared words using 'er' and 'est' and continued towork on contractions.



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