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Marcelo Sandoval

WHERE I LIVEYou might think I'm a little odd but I am not. I live in a tree house in the backyard at my parents. I like it here. I have electricity in my tree house so it is like a real house to me.

This summer I was supposed to work in a stable helping to train the ponies at my school. Arturo, my father, is making me get a "real" job working with him at his law firm. I am learning a lot there but it makes me feel real uncomfortable. I don't always like it. Just as I get kind of comfortable in one place, I move around and have to do something new. I just want to work with the ponies. I want to go back to my school.

Marcelo has a dog named Namu.

Marcelo loves music. Sometimes I hear it in my head. Right now it is getting harder to hear.

"Marcelo in the Real World" by Francisco X. Stork



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