marcela's literacy timeline

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marcela's literacy timeline

Marcela's Literacy Timeline

This timeline shows my literacy progress from elementary to present time.

Time Line


Born July 13th

when I started elementary I was placed in a dual emersion class. By the end of the year the anti-bilingual law had passed and i was not able to speak spanish (the only language i knew) in class. they placed me in ELD after that.

Once high school started I had to fight to be reclasified and to be able to start college prep classed. i started taking 0 period and summer school so that I could get into college. i was able to graduate a semester early.

Once I got into college I decided that I wanted to do what my 6th grade teacher did for me. I started to work hard and I am now working for california mini-corps as a migrant tutor helping kids in the same situation I was in all those years ago.

6th grade prepared me to become a good reader and my middle school I was reading faily close to grade level.

through out middle school I kept working hard with high hopes of being reclassified out of ELD.


Started elementary


Went to middle school



Began High school

Came to Fresno State

my sixth grade teacher pushed me to better myself and showed me that i could be whatever I wanted.

I was the last of 3 to be born to two loving hispanic parents



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