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Marc Brown

“The most interesting—and the funniest—things happen in real life.”

Marc Brown

“Many characters were inspired by people I knew when I was growing up and going to school in Milcreek, Pennsylvania. Mr. Ratburn is based on the meanest algebra teacher ever, and Grandma Thora is based on my grandmother Thora, the best storyteller ever. Buster is modeled after my best friend in elementary school, Terry Johnson, who was a real practical joker. Terry spent a lot of time in the principal's office. In third grade, I spent a lot of time watching a girl named Patricia DelPorto instead of doing my math. She had curly hair and long eyelashes. On Valentine's Day, I remember waiting to get a valentine from her. She is, of course, Sue Ellen, and that's where I got the idea for Arthur's Valentine. My sisters, Bonnie, Colleen, and Kimberly have all served as role models for characters in my books--especially D.W. and Francine.”

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Early LifeBorn in Erie, PA in 1946Worked as a truck driver, short-order cook, college professor, and textbook illustrator. His grandmother built an education fund that helped Brown pay for art school at the Cleveland Art Institute, which he attended from 1964 to 1969.

InspirationsHis grandmother, ThoraChildrenHis high school art teacher, Ms. BryanFred Rogers

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AwardsChildren’s Books of the Year of the Child Study Association of America Children’s Choice Awards of the Children’s Book CouncilInternational Reading Association Notable Book AwardAmerican Library Association AwardBoston Globe/Horn Book Honor Award for IllustrationLibrary of Congress Book of the Year

Marc Brown also enjoys gardening, baking pies, collecting early American art and antiques, and farming .

Marc Brown enjoyings writing children's books about real life experiences.

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Marc Brown currently resides on a farm in Hingham, MA with his wife, Laurie.He has three children: Tolan, Tucker, and Eliza.


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