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Marc Antony

Marc Antony born in 83Bc. He was a Roman Republic and general who played a very important role and tranformation of Rome. Being an important supportter of Caesars during his conquest in Gaul . After Caesar death joined foreces with Marcus Lepidus ( general), and Caesar adopted son Octavain led a three-man dictorship known as a second triumivrate. Civil war between Antony and Octavian was averted in 40Bc whehn Antony married Octva. He continued his love affair with Cleoptra, declared war, was defeated by Antony at the Battle of Actuim.


-Born: Jan. 14 83Bc -Roman Republic 27Nov, 43Bc-31 Dec 33Bc -1 Jan 34Bc- 31 Dec 34Bc Lucius Libo -1 Jan 44Bc- 31 Dec 44 Bc Julius Caesar -Died Aug. 1 30Bc.

He was a general who played a very important role and tranformation of Rome. Adminstratre skills were much worse than miliarty ones, brought confilicts, Caesar denied him repsonability for two years.

Lasting Impact

Unknown Facts

1. He was an alcoholic spend thift and women in his teens 2. Antony knew about the plot to assassiante Caesar, but could not save him.3.Antony married five times, and had numerous childern.

Marc Antony




Antony was important suppoter of miliarty commander for Julius Caesar. Was first and foremost a fearless leader. After Caesar was murder he did the best that he could do in the circumstances by negotiating a compromise between the conspiritors and caesarians.


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