Marano Lagoon

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Marano Lagoon

It is characterised by swampy vegetation and the unique fishermen's lodgings, the typical "casoni", built with cane and wood. In their middle, right at the center of the “casoni” were the fireplaces. Nowadays they are more a tourist attraction than anything else and are used to teach about traditions and life once upon a time in this particular area.

- Marano lagoon stretches from Lignano Sabbiadoro to the east for nearly 90 km. It is considered the twin of the Venice Lagoon, that is located a few kms to the west.Sometimes it is called Marano-Grado lagoon, but geographically it is divided in two sections: lagoon of Marano and lagoon of Grado.


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Some views of the lagoon

The environment consists mainly of reed thickets, water and sandbanks. What is specific to the Marano Lagoon is the variety of water salinity levels. This variety has enabled the development of an impressive biodiversity, both on land and in water.

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The Nature Reserve of the Marano Lagoon stretches over more than 1,400 hectares, and it actually consists of two smaller reserves, the Reserve of the Stella River Mouth ("Riserva Foci dello Stella") and the Reserve of Canal Nuovo Valley ("Riserva Valle Canal Novo").

Bird life is the most prominent in this lagoon, which is why birdwatchers are highly likely to get a special satisfaction while visiting the lagoon. Here you can find geese, seagulls, swans, herons, terns.


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