Maranda National Parks

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Maranda National Parks

The Everglades is drying out because of us.

We are taking all the animal's water. Trees and animals are dying. We should offer our help but we don't sadly.

This issue could take forever to solve or 2 years. This all depends on us and we should really take into account that the Everglades is the most endangered park in the USA. It is very fragile and any other damage will destroy the whole ecosystem to the point of no recovery.

The Everglades has some of the most endangered creatures in the world like the Florida Panther. Only a few are left and many birds they need water. Also don't forget the gators, tons of gators live in the Everglades and if the water disapears, the Gators will disapear.

We should take action by conserving water so the government don't have to build more aqauducts and dams.

The Everglades is full of trees that need water to survive, this effects the Everglades even more. Trees are where many animals call home.

Save the Everglades!

The Everglades

By: Maranda Phillips

The goverment should stop making dams, aqauducts, and irrigation systems because they are draining out the water leaving animals dying. The government does not realize what a big problem this is it must be solved. All the goverment is doing is losing money by building tons of things.


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