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Maps!Maps!Maps! In our daily lifes! Usually all the times,we are using maps. We use maps when we are overseas and need to find a location. We use maps to go to places we are not familiar with.We use maps for all reasons. Map is such a useful thing. But,in order to know why it is useful,we must study about maps

If you are a foreigner in a foreign country,you will need a map because you don't know about the country.You could get lost

A map ALWAYS have a scale. The scale helps us to find out the distance between the places. Check it out below!Imagine you are the traders in the past. No steamship and need to depend on the monsoon period. You would need to then plan out when to go. Check out the example below

THe traders in the past relies on the monsoon. If we were traders who is from India and is going to Saudi Arabia to trade. We know, traders would have to depend on Southwest monsoon which is from April to October to go to Saudi Arabia. The map distance between India and Saudi Arabia is 9 cm. The scale is 3:100000000. So the actual distance in between Saudi Arabia and India is 9 X 100000000 cm = 9000 km. The speed of ships is about 9 km/h. So when is the latest day the merchants should start travelling in order to speed up their speed?. This, we can check the time needed to travel from India to Saudi Arabia. This, 9000/9=1000h= 41 days 16 hours. This means that the traders should start travelling at about 20th of August(Predict that the monsoon period change at 1st October. This is how important maps are!

The map's scale can help us find the distance of things. Distance=Map's Scale X Distance shown on map; Distance Shown on map=Distance/Map's ScaleIt can also help us find areas. Area=Map's Scale^2 X Area shown on map

Example 1A track from station A to station B is 13 cm long. If the map's scale is 1:7000, what is the distance between station A and station B?Solution!13cm X 7000=91000 cm= 910 mSo the distance between station A and station B is 910 m

Example 2The area of a plantation is 9 cm^2 on a map with a scale of 1:1000. What is the area of the plantation?Solution!1000^2=10000001000000 X 9=9000000 cm^2=900 m^2So the area of the plantation is 900 m^2

Real Life SituationIf you are a geographer, you would usually need to study places. Example, you are given a satellite image of Australia. You are asked to calculate the percentage of places in Australia which have became a desert. According to the map, the areas that became a desert is approximately 19 cm^2. The scale is 3.5:100000000. We can find the area of Australia becoming a desert by squaring the scale mulitply by the map area,which is 19 X (100000000/3.5)^2=15510204080000000000000000 cm^2=1551020.408 km^2. According to the map, Australia is approximately 94 cm^2. Area of Australia is 94 X (100000000/3.5)^2=76734693880000000000000000 cm^2=7673469.388 km^2.To find the percentage just calculate 1551020.408/7673469.388 X 100=20.21276595%This is how we can use maps in real life!



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