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WHAT IMPORTANCE DO TATTOOS PLAY IN THE MAORI CULTURE?Ta moko is a permanent body and face marking done by the Maori's. It is sort of like a tattoo but different. How they do the Ta moko is they make a chisel out of an albatross bone. They fill the chisel up with burnt timbers (ash) that makes the colour black. Once the chisel is filled, they use a mallet and hammer down on the face, dragging the chisel along the face leaving a permanent mark. This leaves the skin uneven, unlike a tattoo where it leaves the skin smooth. The Ta moko is often made up of curved and spirally shapes mirroring each other. The Maori's also mainly do the Ta moko on the face because they believe it is the most sacred part of the body. They have tribe tattoos because it reflects the wearers life or family, they also might have it because they feel proud and integrity of their tribe.

WHAT TYPE OF MYTHS AND LEGENDS DO THE MAORI'S HAVE AND WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? DO THEY STILL USE THEM TODAY?Maori myths and legends are originally from the Polynesian homeland. The Maori's adapted to these but put their own little twist to them. The Maori's even have their own gods like Whiro - God of Darkness and Ranginui - Father of the Sky. Myths are normally based on things in the past, one story is about a Demi God called Maui. He was known for finding the North Island of New Zealand. The story goes that he found the North Island while fishing with his brothers. Maui's brothers fought over the land, which made it have lots of mountains. In the end Maui said 'It was his, because he found it', and with that, the war ended. Maori myths are based on phenomenona that are happening around them. Each tribe has their own version of the story or something completely different. The Maori's also say that their gods are the first people ever to go to New Zealand. While the Europeans say that God created everything, the Maori's disagree. They believe the sky and the earth are their own independent source.

WHERE DID THE MAORI ORIGINATE FROM? AND HOW DID THEY GET TO NEW ZEALAND?Around 1350 the Maori's spread throughout New Zealand, Hawaii and Fiji. All orginated from Polynesia. They came to New Zealand by a big fleet of seven carved canoes navigating using the stars and ocean currents. According to scientists the first Maori on New Zealand was Kupe.

IS THERE ANYTHING THAT THE MAORI'S INVENTED THAT WE USE TODAY OR IF NOT, WHAT WAS SOMETHING THAT HELPED THEM IN LIFE?There isn't anything that the Maori's invented that we use today but they have made other inventions that helped them throughout life and perhaps they still use. The Kopa was an invention for squeezing juice out of titoki berries. They used a flax bag; this is where the berries are placed. The berries are then pounded by twisting inbetween two wooden bars. The juice is then filtered through another bag and dripped into a container underneath.

STRUGGLES IN MAORI HISTORYThe struggles in Maori history was the Europeans brought diseases when they came to New Zealand. To the Maori people they were dangerous. There were about 1 million Maoris, but the disease was so deadly that the number dropped to 40,000 in 1800 - 1900. The population is now around 500,000 - 600,000. New Zealand is now mainly made up of white caucasions, there are more coming each year! The Maoris only make up 15% of the New Zealand population.



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