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Mao Zedong

*Resolute *Amiable *Selfless *Candid


December 26, 1893 -1911 – Revolution, Mao fights on revolutionary side in Changsha against Qing Dynasty 1949 - People's Republic of China is established, he was elected chairman of the Central People's Government.1950 - He led the CPC Central Committee decided to conduct the Korean War.In 1954, the first session of the National People's Congress adopted the first meeting he presided over the drafting of the "People's Republic of China Constitution", he was elected the first President of People's Republic of China at the meeting, and served until 1959.-September 9, 1976

Mao Zedong managed to take command of a small rebel force when it was one the run and guided it through some turbulent times until it finally took control of China. After that, government policy made a country that was basically an agricultural nation into a modern economy, though along Communist/Stalinist lines.

Lasting Impact

He's has alot reason behind why U.S can't win Korean and Vietnam War, especially the Korean War. When U.S. has cross the borneline to china without permission to pursuit north korea army, he order sending massive number of troops which cleary outrun the U.S. and South Korean Troops, one of U.S. general proposal launch Nuclear Strike to China, but the president reject and fire him, since then. Mao wanted China to pursuit Nuclear Power to show a stand of superpower against U.S. and china has sends tons of supply to vietcon to fight the U.S.

Mao Zedong

Character Traits


Great President

First President of China

Born in Shaoshan,Hunan,China,a Peasant familyGraduate from Hunan First Normal University

Mao Zedong,he's Chinese revolutionary,Strategist,Theorist and poet, Communist Party of China,The main founders and leaders of the People's Liberation Army and the People's Republic of China,The main founder Mao Zedong Thought.


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