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Social Studies

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The Milan Cathedral in Milan, Italy was dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente. This symbolizes that they wanted to remember her by creating a work of art.

The Mosque-cathedral of Córdoba in Spain is a beautiful detailed building that symbolizes the many religious changes Cordoba has undergone over the centuries.

Western Europe

Melk Abbey is a Benedictine abbey in Melk, Austria with a long history behind. Melk is an important cultural and spiritual center of it's country by first being a castle to becoming a monastery.

Salzburg Museum shows the artistic and cultural history of Salzburg, Austria. This museum shows events and valuable objects that represent their city.


Southern Europe

The Fitzwilliam Museum is an ancient building located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The building shows the art and antiquities of the University of Cambridge.

Central Europe

The Arc de Triomphe is a famous monument in Paris. The arc was built to honor those who fought for France during the Napolenic Wars.

The charming Stockholm Palace is the royal palace of the Swedish monarch which shows the royal residence, workplace and culture-historical monument to tourist

Eastern Europe

Archipelago National Park in Finland has a beautiful landscape that shows a unique cultural mix of Finnish, Russian, and Swedish influences.

Northern Europe

The Golden Gates of Kiev is a major landmark of the Ancient Kiev and historic gateway in the ancient city fortress, located in the capital of Ukraine.

The Village Museum which is Europe’s largest outdoor museum is in Bucharest, Romania. It's very interesting to see the life, customs and architecture of Romania.

The culture of Europe is based on art and architecture that could teach us more than history itself from where it began.


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